• Leo Vannucci

    Well, tell me about it. Not only does it look generic, they only made it for one year! I own an ESP Standard FR-7 with the new block/slanted logo (very similar to the LTD Elite or the E-II logos) thinking it was "the new logo" and I wanted to have the latest version. After a few months, they took the damn thing away and now your only option is the E-II... with the same ugly block/slant logo AND, the fact that it won't say ESP anymore, it will say E-II. Much like owning an LTD or LTD Elite. 



    • TT

      Not at all like owning and LTD or LTD Elite.   LTD are not Japanese made.  LTD Elite are not really an LTD.  And, I believe it does say ESP on the back of the headstock of the new E-II line.  Besides, once everyone understands and get's used to the name change, then all will be well and no one should then confuse an LTD with an E-II.

      BTW OP, who cares if the ESP logo is in a different font?  You're not going to get the guitar because of the font for the logo?  It doens't affect the playability or tone at all. No one who will hear you play will care or know what guitra you have or what font the logo is.