• Jared M.

    It has Gotoh Magnum locking. New strings. Maybe the strings are catching, he did a full set up and he works for some pretty big bands as a tech so i doubt its the set up, but everyine has off days. I was thinking it was the tuners cause the just seem like they arent holding the string...

    • Garnoch

      If it's catching at the nut, you could lube it.  I use Dr. Ducks Ax Wax for many things including that, but many people use graphite on the nut.  Good luck.

    • jt76

      You could restring the guitar and wrap the strings as if the tuners were standard tuners,  if this works and the guitar stays in tune then I would say its locking mechanics on the tuners are bad.

      overtightening the locking on tuners can ruin the mechanics that lock the strings,   I don't belive this can be fixed, but a new set of gotoh magnum locking tuners would be around $70. 

      I would make shure its not catching at the nut first.