• jt76

    I am assuming that you have standard non locking tuners


    54 - 11's should not be giving this guitar any problems


    possible issues 

    - your tech sucks

    - not enough string wrapped around the tuners - replace the strings

    -  tuners are loose, tighten the screws on the tuning keys,

    - bad strings - old strings won't stay in tune,  occasionally I get new strings that just don't play nice either.  another set of strings doesn't cost that much.

    - bad intonation - did the pro set up included checking the intonation,  bad intonation can make it impossible tune the guitar.

    - strings catching at nut or bridge - after you get in tune pull your strings away from the guitar anywhere between the nut and the bridge - then retune, then repeat until pulling on them no longer makes the guitar go out of tune.  Should only take about 2- 4 times to get it right,  if it keeps going out of tune when pulling on the strings there is something else wrong.

    - bad tuners - it's unlikely but previous owner could have stripped the gears in the tuners if you like the guitar that much a new set of tuners dosent cost that much compared to an eclipse ii 


    also check your frets, it unlikely on a guitar of that age, fret wear can cause tuning issuse also,  this would be a fairly costly repair. flat spots or groves under the strings are signs of wear.

    good luck, hope thats helpful




    • Jared M.

      It has Gotoh Magnum locking. New strings. Maybe the strings are catching, he did a full set up and he works for some pretty big bands as a tech so i doubt its the set up, but everyine has off days. I was thinking it was the tuners cause the just seem like they arent holding the string...