• guitarsatbmusic

    Generally the guitars are not setup well in Japan, it's up to the store/distributor to set them up for their conditions. It's very rare for an Eclipse to be very playable at all "out of the box". I'd prefer the store eyeballed it first personally. You either got lucky or someone somewhere along the line gave it a tweak.

    • barryswanson

      Yeah it does have a red white and blue round sticker on the back with some ones initials on it saying it's been inspected in the US.

    • TT

      I prefer to open the box myself.  I can do my own setups so there is no need for the retailer to open any guitar for me.

      Even if someone doesn't do their own set up, the buyer should be asked if they want the guitar opened, inspected, and adjusted.  That should be up to the buyer.  I can understnd a guitar beine opened and set up if it's going into general stock at the store. But if it's ordered for a customer specifically, then it shouldn't be opened unless the customer is asked.

      That said, the only place I trust on opening guitars and inspecting and setting them up is SweetWater in Ft. Wayne, IN.  Most of their guitars are properly set up before they are shipped, and the guitars in the retail store are in great shape and tune.  It's very different from Guitar Center.  Going to Sweetwater's retail store is like going to a high end retail shop vs Walmart for Guitar Center.  :)