• Feraledge

    Admittedly, a good deal of the tuning issues are related to the room my guitars are in, but I'll take them being a bit out of tune in this house over having to adjust my truss rod every three months in my old house. Either way, the fine tuners don't give nearly as much range as a Floyd or even Floyd Special and I wish they did. If I put a couple days between playing the guitar, it's always easier for me to reset the tuners and go from there.
    So I guess this is the dilemma, when I use the trem (and I rarely do), it seems to go out of tune pretty quickly. I think this could be in part because of the fairly stripped bolt on the nut clamp. I don't give it everything that I've got because I'm skeptical of their lifespan, but I would say it's within reason. It doesn't have tuning problems with regular playing, but if it sits, it'll be far enough out of whack that it needs totally reset.
    Either I buy a new trem or I just upgrade parts on this one. The tricky part is that it's an old model, so the parts are tricky (Kahler does sell some), but I'm wondering how many Floyd parts I can use instead.
    The nut clamping bolts are cheap enough that I'm willing to roll the dice on those, my main consideration for the different nut was if I swapped the bridge completely.
    The saddles and locking pins are the other part, I have to do some measurements, but maybe between new nut clamps, new fine tuners and new saddles I'd take care of the whole issue, and probably a bit cheaper.
    These would be ideal if they fit: Graphtech string saver saddles.