• sigm.xiria

    Pricing I got I should be able to deal with.

    This part is going to sound really really dumb.
    I don't play a lot of Tune-o-matic bridges. I remember picking up an Epiphone LP and playing it little over a year ago and going "what the fuck is this?".. The bridge was way too high.

    Am I going to have that same issue with the Eclipse? or are they two completely different beasts?.

    I think I've read somewhere on this forum that the neck angles between Gibson LPs and Eclipses are different. Is that true?

    The dealer has an Eclipse II VB in stock which I'm going to try out in a couple of weeks before I make my deposit.

    How much did you get quoted this round? :)

    I switch between a Viper, a Gibson Les Paul (from 58), a Fender strat and an MH style guitar with a Floyd rose. My favorite bridge is the TOM on my Viper :) I played an Eclipse and it was similar.