• guitarsatbmusic

    So im pretty much set on an m-ii and i am getting one tommorow but, i have some questions.
    The m-ii comes in the maple neck with the SDs, and the rosewood only comes with the emg 81s.

    Let me say this, i prefer the maple neck and it HAS to be a bolt on. But i have no idea about the jb and the 59 and if they can do metal.
    I have an 81 on my schecter and on high gain the thing buzzes like crazy. The buzz is rediculous i have to use the 85 every time.

    I cannot try out the guitars.
    I can only try out the lesser ltd models.

    So can the duncans do metallica and metal stuff without the fuzz?

    How are you getting it tomorrow if you can't try it?

    Anyhow, get whichever fingerboard you prefer, pickups can be changed