• jl-austin

    Stainless steel frets?

    I have heard rumors that the MIJ ESP's have stainless steel frets.

    I currently own an ESP M-1 NTB. I have had it about a year, and the frets are still super shiny (compared to Ibanez which dull after a year or so). It also plays like butter. It also is a little on the "bright side" when it comes to sound. All of which are properties of stainless steel frets.

    So, I am curious, do they come with stainless steel frets?

    • andrei

      i don't believe any ESP's have stainless steel frets by default.
      (unless maybe if custom ordered - do they even have this option?)
      in fact i don't believe any production guitar does.

      stainless steel frets are supposed to be a pain to install and level.
      also one may need special tools to install them, because the wear is a lot greater.
      (i believe i've read this info on the Warmoth site, some time ago)

      so that is why i don't think that any guitar, that comes from the production line, has stainless steel frets.
      (but i don't know the exact model you were reffering to)