• Ozwepaie

    I have a satin black EC-1 ctm. That I made a gold top. and I love it !!
    But the white FT is just beautiful. I go back & forth on if I should just
    bite the bullet and get one from the UK. But I'm always hoping I can pick
    one up under $2300.00
    I think the fact that Gibson comes off as intimidated? Says alot about the
    quality of the ESP. I own 6 Gibsons and they are all great! I really don't think
    the thickness effects the quality of a guitar. I have a 88' Gibson Custom lite.
    And it is hands down the best sounding Gibby I own. It has factory original
    hard wired EMG 81's. And does have a warmer tone, then EC-1. But the EC-1
    Has a lot more bite. A more "metal" guitar IMO.
    But I also have a ESP truckster, and that tone closer to a Gibson then the EC-1
    So I'm curious as to how the sound of the FT will compare? But I have a gut
    feeling, that it will be it's own animal.
    -time will tell.

    and Pushead, your black one totally gave me wood. LoL