• Kevin C.

    New Guy Hear- Long Time ESP Standard Series fan about to pull the trigger

    Hey guys, I recently joined and thought I would stop by and say hello, got a question or two for you all.

    I am about to pull the trigger on a couple of ESPs- M-II w/EMGs and M-II Maple w/Duncans. My question is where would be a good USA dealer to get these from, I am thinking Nstuff music and Drum City Guitar Land, any other suggestions would be nice as well.

    Also, has any ever played an SV-II? Reason is this is a model I am interested in and I have never played before and would like to give it a shot. What is the neck profile like really in comparison to a Jackson, Ibanez or other ESPs.


    • engage757

      What's up brotherman? Good to see you on these parts! I just sold an SV-II. Not sure how to compare it... more rounded then jackson and ibanez. slightly thicker as well. I know the guitars you like and I think you will dig it.