• rcs

    New M1 left on porch (question)

    Wondering if this could have caused any damage. It was in an ESP case (with a Silica Gel pack), which was then placed in card board box. UPS dropped it off around 1pm and it sat there until 6pm. It was in the shade the entire time, but it was 86 degrees outside

    The only reason I ask is because the guitar was slightly out of tune when I unpackaged it. My last M1 standard I purchased was in perfect tune when I got it.

    May be a bit OCD, but I just want to know


    • xZYRYABx

      relax, it should be fine.
      Might need a bit of truss rod adjustment but thats about it.
      You're lucky it wasnt stolen!

    • Justinschut

      play Slayer on it

    • dinga

      Give it a few hours to acclimate. Wood will expand/contract with temperature and moisture. It will be fine.

      Consider it was probably exposed to high heat in the back of a truck for who knows how long. I had a guitar shipped to me in the winter. It was very cold when I unpacked it and it took a few days to settle. Once it settled it was spot on.

    • sirsloop

      I see no problems. As long as it wasnt like rained on for 3 days, rusted, run over, and set on fire you should be all set. All guitars change with temperature and humidity... heck even metal guitars to some degree :)

    • Red_Label

      Guitars are tough. They're made of wood and metal that is capable of withstanding extreme temps for many years. The real key to taking care of guitars is trying to minimize the speed, or rate of temperature change. So if your guitar sits outside in extreme heat or cold, leave it in its hardshell case when you bring it in and let the temp of the instrument change slowly. Then they're fine.

      I used to leave a pair of PRS Custom 24s with "10" tops and bird inlays sitting in my truck overnight, after gigs in freezing cold Montana winters. I just made sure that when I brought them in the house the next day not to take them out of their cases until several hours after bringing them in. The case acts as an insulator and slows the temp change.

    • Metlupass2

      It was probably in a plane, truck, or hot warehouse for a lot longer than that. Some people prefer to detune guitars when they ship them.

    • Mark K.

      Pics or did not happen!