• NightwindKing

    Exchanging SD SH-1n for SHR-1n

    First off, I wanted to say that I really appreciate the help i get on these forums. You guys are great, and I'm sorry to bug you with so many questions.

    So, is this possible? I'm getting an Edwards E-FR-130GT, which comes with a neck pickup Seymour Duncan SH-1n. What I'd like to do is switch it out for an SHR-1n, which is not as wide and doesn't use the square base like the SH-1n.
    Not actually having the guitar I have no way of knowing whether the pickup mounting can be seperated from the actual pickup, etc...so I'm not sure if this is even possible.
    Is it? The SHR isn't bigger, but it isn't as wide if I end-up needing to remove the mounting. Is there going to be a big gaping un-painted hole on either side of the new pickup if I take out the mounting?

    Also, this is a dumb question from being a total guitar noob...I'm assuming the wiring for the pickups would be the same, right? I mean, it's just the same pair of wires/plug? Or would I need to wire it differently for the new pickup?

    Sorry if this is a confusing question. Help would be awesome!

    • antikue

      I'm sure you could hook the SHR up but there would be a significant gap. The pickup cavity underneath the SH-1 is just a square(ish) hole routed into the wood. The wiring should be similar since the SHR1 is just a humbucker in a smaller casing.

      That begs the question - what are you after, actually? For those bright and clean single coil tones a Duncan P-Rails should cover the ground nicely without having to look at a gaping hole in the guitar :) It is also possible to wire the neck humbucker (SH-1) in 'split-mode', where only one of the two coils is in use. The tone would be somewhere between a true single coil (think of Stratocasters) and a humbucker.