• NightwindKing

    Wasn't there an ESP Reindeer you were looking at for 880? I would be going after that if I were you...

    I don't think that crack is that big of a deal, it's more of a chip that a crack from what I can tell. But then again that's like diagnosing someone based on a youtube video. :|

    Yeah very true.
    Arg. So frustrating. I mean I shouldnt have been a dumbass and should have made him get a pick of the side of the crack before I paid. Now Ill have to go through all the paypal and ebay crap to cancel.
    But I dont WANT to cancel. I WANT one of those guitars: Id just prefer it didn't have the crack.
    I can't find anything anywhere online for less than 1000 that looks like a quality guitar. the grassroots, while cool looking, are apparently crap. I'd like it to be in the same style as one used by one of the bands I like, which are mainly visual kei. Which basically means it has to be and ESP of some type: either original series or Edwards.
    Original Series is WAY too expensive for me right now. Edwards is my best bet. But the only ones that look cool with good gear are over 1000.

    So you see my predicament. On the one hand even if I DONT have to pay to get this crack fixed, I WILL have to upgrade the gear for about 250. So that's 950 for a cracked guitar. And I cant even get a new one for that!