• 80sMetalDude

    Yes that is sexy, love the contrast of the black binding against the red, very evil looking axe. For what it's worth UPS dropped it off yesterday the customs charge for MI was $103. Not as bad as I had feared.

    I will say I'm prob never buying anything but ESP, love this guitar couldn't stop playing it. Action was flatout perfect, had to drop it to E flat like I like to play and I couldn't believe all the way from England and it was literally in perfect tune out of the box! It was very tight playing at first compared to my Eclipse Standard that has .9 strings that are far more slinky, but I like the tonal qualities of the .10 and will prob just stick with them. Seemed much more relaxed by the end of the first night of playing it or my fingers started to get stronger LOL! :)

    Amazed at the quality it's everything I had hoped for and then some, the coil tapping feature is amazing, the cleans ring. One of the things I noticed right off the bat was that before I amped it up that the sustain/ring of the high notes were so much better than my Eclipse, maybe that is due to the neck thru but very impressed.

    My "only" thing to say that's a little off is the Duncans can sound muddy on the Low E string when palm muting, but this is my first guitar in FOREVER without EMGs. I haven't got to play on my main rig yet with a Mesa 50:50 Simul. Can't wait.