• 80sMetalDude

    @sf38 ya thats a good point :) sorry. Re-reading that I didn't mean to make it so SL2H focused what I mean is the choices I was looking at SL2H or Horizon, $1500 (saving $1000 bucks as you said) wasn't happenin in the "new guitar" of either of these class guitars. I would have pulled out my credit card in a heartbeat for $1550 for a ESP EMG model too as SC Pshyco did even tho I wanted the passive model. If I really wanted to change out the electronics that's no biggie later. But it wasn't in the books for me, like nobody had one. Then I saw the $1400 used one on ebay and I was like "this was meant to happen" and then I got caught up in the dings, scratches... If I'm spending over $1000 on a guitar I want a new one. I'm no collector.

    I should also mention that Music Man Dargie II Ball Reserve that was up last week really had my attention too. But that interest didn't last too long nor did the auction.