• xchumfiestax

    Even if I spent $2500.... I believe this guitar falls into the same class (if not better) as an SL2H where you can easily spend that much depending on the finish.

    Horizons are great guitars. It sucks that you paid so much, but I'm sure you'll be happy with it.

    • Steel City Psycho


      I think it's funny how obvious it is you guys know DCGL was one of the Dealers I contacted...Yeah, I wasn't very happy with the fact Jason told me that they could not get me the guitar I wanted when they usually have Japanese models in stock listed as "Custom Ordered For Our Store" :mad::mad::mad:

      So would anyone care to PM me a more accomodating US ESP Dealer? ;)

      I may be looking at an NT-II in STBK in the future or possibly another FR-II if more color options become available, not really into the Natural or BK Aqua, maybe the DBSB, I think that would look awesome with gold hardware...but I already have two Alder FR-IIs and a Mahogany...I wish they would offer another Mahogany color other than just the STR, or I may even be in the market for a V-II FR...


      Well I live in Nazi Jerzee so maybe your fee won't be as bad, but it seems to be about the same everywhere...

      I payed a little under $2200 and my fee was exactly $191. I feel your pain, I wasn't too concerned about paying a few hundred more for what I wanted, considering that the closest Jackson Soloist model would be an SL2H-FM because it also has a maple top. They usually go for around $1949, so I didn't think $250 more was a big deal, especially because the ESP was quilt, I love quilt as opposed to flame and the body binding just puts the ESP over the top, and the ESP was coming with a case as well, so I actually considered that a deal, but when that $250 became closer to $450 I WAS PISSED!!! :mad::mad::mad:

      The STBC I snagged off of Ebay, the dude lived in Maryland. Like I said, I was stalking that exact guitar from the same store I bought the STBK from and it was 100£ cheaper. I know in his auction listing he said he paid $180 some in import fees, so it looks like roughly a little under $9 per $100.

      You made the right choice. When I bought my first Horizon FR-II, I actually had the chance to play a Horizon FR-II and a Jackson SL2H at the same time in the store. The store also had a Jackson KE2 so I could compare all three necks. For me personally, the ESP Thin U killed both the Jackson and the Jackson "Speed" necks...it was just so comfortable and felt so "right." And the ESP just screamed QUALITY...The fretwork was immaculate, I dug the white binding way better than that Cream ivoroid crap or whatever Jackson uses, and like I said the bound body just makes it look so killer... The ebonies were so different too, the Jackson just looked dried out and dull, the ESP was like glass (The Jackson did not just need some fretboard conditioning, EVERY Jackson I have seen in a store has been dull) and then comparing the prices for the models.

      Both were $1799. And technically they're not really the same model. The US ESP FR-II is Mahogany with a Quilted maple top...the SL2H is just Alder. Jackson makes an SL2H-MAHQ that is Mahogany with a Quilted maple top and those go for roughly $2399...so $600 less for what I felt was FAR SUPERIOR quality and a better looking guitar was not even a thought and then to my surprise the store gave me an insane deal, $1550 out the door tax included. :eek: I couldn't get my credit card out fast enough :rollin

      That started my Horizon Hoarding and then I bought the guitar from the UK after the US Dealer run around. I was a little pissed that the UK one was alder, it was listed as mahogany, most of my guitars are mahogany and I wanted them to both sound roughly the same, just wanted to tune one to E and one to Eb...I didn't even know that much about ESP or that the US and Overseas models were made of different woods until I started researching and found the ESP Overseas site, but I really dug the alder one after playing it for a few days, and then decided the STBC was next :D

      AND I've noticed on MF that USA Jacksons have all gone up $200, so now SL2Hs are $1999 instead of $1799 and the SL2H-FMs are $2149 instead of $1949, so you really didn't pay too much for what you wanted ;)