• Nagash

    Horizon FR-IIs are the total win.

    • Steel City Psycho

      Have your checkbook ready when UPS shows up...

      I bought a Horizon FR-II from England as well. I talked to a few US dealers, even an "ESP Dealer of the Year" award winner for mutiple years, and was told that I could not purchase the guitar I wanted (Horizon FR-II in See Thru Black) and that I could order a "Custom Shop" model... :\:mad:

      The price I paid wasn't that bad, a few hundred more for what I wanted, but what really sucked was when UPS knocked on the door and told me they needed a check for $191 for "Customs and Import Fees" before I could have my guitar...

      I was looking at a STBC one as well seeing as the overseas models are alder and the US model is mahogany.

      Luckily some one bought the See Thru Blackcherry and then put it right on the bay, so I was able to get the exact guitar I was stalking off the bay mint for the Price of a US Horizon FR-II, dude saved me about $600...

      Enjoy though, I love the Horizons and think they are worth every penny...

    • 80sMetalDude

      Horizon FR-IIs are the total win.

      Hey I just wanted to add it was your big SL2H vs. Horizon thread where you were not sure which one to get which turned me away from the SL2H... for years that's the guitar I wanted and when I saw that FR-II in that black cherry and all the RobChappers (Monkeylord, EternalDescent) videos etc, I had to have it.

      Called my buddy who is UPS driver and yeah he also said I was screwed and would be probably paying customs charges, he LOL'd me and said "my next delivery has one of those..." Typical.