• el_destrukto

    I heard that ESP owns them now, anyone have any take on their guitars in general? I like the looks of their guitars but what do you guys think of the quality, etc? Thanks...

    ESP and Schecter are separate entities owned by the same individual. It's been this way since 1987.

    As for the quality of their guitars, the Diamond Series are pretty much equivalent to the LTD line... the Standard, Custom, Damien Elite, & most of the Hellraiser models are made in the same factory in S. Korea that produces the PRS SE series, The James Tyler Variax, the LTD Deluxe (aka, 1000) series, etc...

    The Schecter Custom Shop guitars are handmade in Burbank, CA and are of exceptional quality. On par with the other big-name Custom Shop manufacturers.

    For what it's worth, I endorsed and used ESP guitars for almost 10 years. I switched to Schecter last year and I am more than satisfied with that decision.

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