• Durethia

    Advice on an Eclipse

    I have a friend who bought an ESP Eclipse, the all white one with Mahogany body and ebony fret board. Beautiful guitar. I believe it's pick up configuration is an 81 in the bridge and a 60 in the neck. (I have forgotten the logo colors; copper is EMG 89 and silver is 81)

    There are two things, he claims the guitar always needs to be tuned down (specifically the wound strings) after pulling it from the case. The string gauge is .10s, so the strings might be getting caught on the nut.

    More disturbingly, the EMGs simply don't feel like EMGs do (I have several guitars with EMGs); for example harmonics seem difficult or muffled. They almost sound as though they aren't active or the battery is dead, so we changed the battery. No difference.

    Interestingly, the three knobs on the Eclipse, two of them are supposed to be volume and the third one is a tone control, but it does not effect the sound of the guitar at all.

    Is it possible the EMGs aren't wired correctly?

    • Ozwepaie

      do the volume pots work ?

    • Ozwepaie

      if it's only the "tone" knob that's not working ? Check this.
      Looking at the pot from the inside of the guitar: And the connectors are facing left.
      None of the arms should be grounded to the pot. The resistor should be connected
      to the middle arm and grounded to the top.
      The common from the toggle should connect to the lower arm and slave to the "T"
      position (white wire) from the input jack.
      The black ground wire should connect to one of the vol. pots and the ground of the
      input jack.

      if there are any additional connections ? or something missing above ? Correct it
      and you should be fine ?

    • Ozwepaie

      Then see see above. I'm sure it's just a short.