• gerryl98

    My first post

    Hello everyone!!! I picked up my first ESP guitar two weeks ago in a trade. It's a 2007 ESP Eclipse II FM. I'm still trying to work out some fret buzz and may end up taking it in for an adjustment. I have a question about the pots. All three have some play in them. I removed the knobs and when I grab the stem I can wiggle them. I removed the backplate and saw that these are CTS pots which are supposed to be quality pots. I find it odd that all three have this issue. Earlier in the day before I met up with the guy for the trade I went to Guitar Center and tried one out to see how this model felt in my hands. I did not notice any play in the pots. I'll probably get the pots changed out too because the wiggle makes the guitar feel cheap. Anyone have a similar issue?

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