the fact that it is "so boring looking" is exactly why I love it!!!
    its a no-nonsense shredding monster....I love the fact that it doesnt have a boost switch or a tone knob....or any eye-candy like binding and rainbow inlays...but I can understand how thats not for everyone....ive noticed that alot of ppl have look as a main factor in loving a guitar....theyd love the UC m-II then call the black one shitty...to each his own I guess...
    If I ever custom order one though im definitely getting it scalloped from 12-24, add reverse-sharkfin inlays, and scallop the lower horn, but in any case im never selling my M-II standard...
    Also, I have both the M-1000FM and the M-II and the ESP IS twice as good as the LTD in my opinion!

    oh yeh, and about cases; I thought none of the new ESPs come with a case, so I dont think thats just an M-II issue. I think they all used to in the past, didn't they?