• gorsch

    thats the most important part too, I do my own but I've been doing it for years. Luckly mine is used and had a "frett dressing" done already so it's like butter. Just has some stupid heavy strings on it now for standard. Atleast 12's. I'm getting a good deal cause the neck position isnt working, bad toggle switch, so I'm getting it even cheaper. They offered to fix it but I can do it myself and get $50 knocked off. Then have my bud buy me a neck p-up for it at his discount price of $50 haha. I've got a JB or a Duncan Distortion for the bridge. Not sure which one i'll use. I've been a JB guy before......but then I tried the Distortion and liked it better in my Gibson LP Standard. But again that was tunned to dropped A. This wont be and it's a totally different guitar. We'll see.

    • CyVy_84

      sounds cool if you are able do fix - and setup the guitar. i am able to do a setup too, but i am afraid of the truss rod, i don't wanna destroy the guitar. but after i did the setup (without truss rod) it sounded bad, then i gave it to my local dealer and he did a setup that wasn't good too. he said that he is not very satisfied with it too, so i'm able to get it back to him and he'll do the setup again for free. i hope then it'll work. if not i'll sell it and save up for a real gibson les paul custom.

      i have not tried seymour duncans before. all my favourite guitars are coming with stock emgs or gibby pus. a while ago there was a custom colour ESP Eclipse with zebra JB/59 combo on the german ebay. but it was sold before i was able to buy it. i played my engl 4x12 box with a viper with seymours before i bought it and they sounded great. i alwyas wanted to get a guitar with seymours, but like i said before all guitars i bought had gibbys or emgs. i also prefer the look of emgs. but the plan is to get another explorer (gibby) and then i'll try some seymours.