• Ozwepaie

    I was skeptical.. I have 2 ESP's an Eclipse II and a Truckster. I always felt the
    Truckster was one of those special guitars. That come along one in a while that are
    just perfect. You don't know why ? It's just something about it. All your friends want
    to steal it. Just one of those.
    And the EC II is just a rock star !
    A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to score an LTD Truckster cheap.
    and could not resist.
    In all honesty, it dose not stand a chance. The ESP's just kill it. Hands down.
    I'm not saying it's a bad guitar !
    It is a really nice playing and sounding instrument. But it not ESP
    There's a reason Epiphone, Squire, LTD all cost less. And that called "Quality"
    Now I'll take the Pepsi challenge against and guitar from the same class any day.
    but you just can't compare Ford's & Ferrari's.

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