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    • tonymustang302

      I'm going to try to make an opinion without everyone jumping on me like last time. I think that the LTD's are awesome guitar's, but you have to get them done up by a luthier. I found an awesome Luthier that turned me on to buying LTD's and have him do a fret-dress, neck setup, and a general go-over on the guitar. It cost me $100, and it plays WAAAYYYYY better then my MII.

      From my understanding ( i could be wrong ) the standard guitar's get extra "love" then the LTD's. But, after getting it setup up, they are just as good.

      $550 ESP LTD Horizon + Luither setup $650.... New Horizon standard series...about$1500? I think i'll get the LTD.

      ESP Makes the best guitars. The only other guitar I like is Ibanez's prestige necks. They are killer. But I love ESP's.