wheres blackended when we need a fight :lol 8o

    in a nut shell.....ESP>LTD Deluxe

    honestly i didnt think there was a difference between ESP and LTD1000 models but when you play a ESP next to 1000 series which i have done ive noted the over all craftsman ship of the instruments. ESP is made in their factor by their techs not by another factory that is under contract with ESP to build there LTD models.
    Also i have found the quality of the woods used on the instruments to be better on the ESP SS models and incredible on the ESP CS models, the quilted tops on the LTD models to me cant hold a candle to the ESP quilted tops.

    Finishes as well don't seem to have as many if any blemishes in them.

    overall you pay for what you get, and i played a MH-1000 next to the Horizon NT-II, which i ended up i was buying the NT-II it was more $$$ but a way better guitar!

    • morphius1

      Ahh ill take your word for it then. I had a chance to play a used viper UC yesterday but i didnt have the time to play it :( i guess ill just keep saving and saving until the day i can get one though.