• Billybobtexas

    Is it on a specific fret your having trouble with? or on several strings past a certain fret? Did you get the guitar professionaly setup and intonated? New guitars are not necessarily setup properly, even if the store said they did it. Even if you paid two grand for it!

    You probobly need to get it set up, tell the guy what strings you want and what tuning you play in and that you are getting lots of fret buzz for him to look at that. Clean new strings in drop C may buzz a little too... if you dont like that your luthier/tech will probobly raise your bridge, because the action may be way too low for some fat strings you may be using. Its a geometry thing. Your guitar is fine I'm sure. my new M-II was fretting out past the 12th fret and sounding great past the 17 erso... just took it in, worked out the kinks.