• Nitrobattery

    Im not an amateur at setting up guitars.

    Then it shouldn't be hard to spot that your guitar either

    A) Needs a fret level


    B) Has a twist in the neck.

    • mightywarlock

      I got in an brand new Eclipse II recently and it buzzes pretty badly as well. When I asked the ESP warranty guy about it, he told me that Eclipses buzz.
      He even checked my neck and said I got a good neck...nice and straight.


      nice to know that AFTER I buy a Brand New GUITAR!

      Here's a question...

      do the older models, or Full Thickness Eclipse models sound...THICKER?
      I find my Eclipse is very thin sounding compared to my other guitars (currently at 12). I don't think it is the EMG's...just seems not to have as heavy/low/deep of a sound compared to my Gibson, or any other brand guitars.
      Since it is a clone, i thought it would sound fuller....

      and yes...my string buzz buzzes through the amp as well, but not that bad.