• Gfunk

    Wo Wo Wo. you got me all wrong. I didnt mean that i adjusted the truss rod drastically causeing severe underbow. Im not an amateur at setting up guitars. All my guitars are set up by me and all play exceptionally, i just happened to run into fret buzz problems with the Eclipse and was wondering if anyone else has experienced these same problems. Ive only put a half turn on the truss rod when the neck was set as straight as an arrow. Those two quarter turns i made underbowed the neck to the point that anymore would cause more fret buzz. Its not really severe fret buzz, but it does bleed through to the amp.

    How are your knishes and chopped liver?

    Do you put egg in the chopped liver? I love a little diced egg on top of some chopped liver, slathered on toasted rye. Ummm, ummm...

    Geeyad Dayum, I am getting hungry! How about some smoked whiting washed down with a little Manischewitz. Topped off with a few Rugalach.

    Merry Christmas!