• Fordman65

    Does anyone else besides me have an issue with their ESP Eclipse II having real bad string buzz in lower tunings like drop c? Ive adjusted the neck as much as it can be as far as underbow goes, ive raised the bridge to my maximum comfort heighth and still theres string buzz. I am also using 12's. Anyone else have this problem?

    The reason you have buzz is because you setup is all jacked. Why would you adjust your truss rod that much? Your neck should never be bowed like that no matter what tuning you are using. The strings might not have as much tension as say a 25.5 scale guitar but the Eclipse should be able to hold that tuning without major issue. You will probably never be completely buzz free but nothing should happen like you are describing.

    Simple enough, take the guitar in and spend the $50 for a setup. Not knocking you but obviously you should learn a bit more before making such drastic adjustments. Maybe take it in and ask if you can watch how they do it? I don't know man.