• ESPdude

    My new Eclipse II

    I just wanted to take a moment to rave about my new Eclipse II (Snow White). I think that it has to be one of the sexiest guitars I have ever seen. Since buying it I have changes the EMG pickups to a Duncan JB in the neck and an Alnico II in the neck and next week I am changing the Gotoh tuners to Sperzels. After that I think it really will be my perfect kind of guitar.

    I currently have 3 guitars: The Eclipse, an EC-1000 Sunburst and an EC-400 STBC (Which I am likely to sell to fund an EC-1000 in Vintage Black or a Truckster). I am a committed ESP fan now, I really do think that they are the best value on the market. Just thought I would share my love of ESP and LTD. Cheers everyone!!!


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