• InVinoVeritasXXX

    Guitar Center

    Holy shit, I went to Guitar Center in OKC and there was an Eclipse II there. I had run in for a capo (something I will probably use rarely, but hey, at least I'll have one), and some strings for my girlfriend's never-used guitar (that way there's two things to finger when we're hanging out at her house! Always good to have options), and there was a cherry Eclipse staring right at me. I took it down and held it but alas, I had said girlfriend with me, who is lovely in all regards but doesn't play any instruments, and it was also very busy, so I decided I'd return another time to play it. Has anyone else sighted any ESPs at Guitar Centers? I'd never buy another guitar from there, but I'm not familiar with any shops that carry ESP in this shitty state, so at least now I can try one out for myself (and screw it up without worry) and see if I'd like the neck stuck to these mystic pieces of wood.

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