• Fordman65

    i have owned a gibson les paul custom, gibson sg standard, mh400, mh400nt, h-500, prs singlecut, les paul studio and a EC 400.. i currently have a Viper 400, and for low end the viper literally blows them all out of the water... Initially i would think the les paul, being bigger would have more beef. but in my experience it doesn't. Id say hold on to that viper until you are sure. All these guitars i have played through the same 5150 with a krankenstien cab, so my answer should be less bias.

    Thats not exactly a fair comparision. The LPC has passives and the viper has EMG's, put the EMGs in the LPC and I promise your results will be different. My LPC smoked my old SS viper. Not only tone but feel. The Viper neck dives like a fat pig unless you move the strap button and the neck is thin as hell especially at the nut. I much prefer the LPC, so my guess is I would prefer the Eclipse.

    • 5150-Viper

      ^^true about the pickups, however the 5 of those guitars had EMGS (including the les paul studio) and im just describing my experience. As far as the neck dive i moved the strapbutton similar to a SG, no more neck dive. Viper FTW!!!!