• MikeC

    Peavey Trouble

    I have a Peavey Ultra Plus tube head. I have a few questions about the amp that are kind of bugging me.

    1. I have an output switch that says 'Full/Half' on this amp. I ussually keep the volume on about 4 or so with the output on half. When I switch the amp output switch to full I don't hear much of a difference. Am I suppose to switch the ouput before I turn the amp on? I don't want to mess anything up so I figured I'd ask somebody on here and hope for an answer.

    2. Next to the output switch, theres a switch that says 'resonance' or something and it gives me a choice of loose, high or medium on it. Once again, should I switch this before I decide to turn the amp on?

    3. When the amp's on about 1 and a half, the tone seams really solid. I like the tone alot. What can I change to get that tone when I turn the amp up to about 4 or 5 so I can have that exact tone? I've heard this being discussed before, but I couldn't remember what it is I have to do.

    Hopefully you guys can help me out as much as you can. I appreciate all help, really. This is my first tube amp and I haven't played it a whole lot lately for these reasons. I don't want to mess anything up with the amp so I figured I'd get to know a little more about it before I went and messed with it any more.

    • Robotsatemygrandma

      1: Full/Half is the Wattage switch... aka running full power or half power. You should switch it before you turn the amp on. You're really not going to hear the difference between 50w and 100w (or 60w and 120w), as there really isn't much of a volume difference. You'll just have a little more headroom running full power.

      2: You can switch this while it's on and adjust to taste.

      3: I really don't know. I'd try turning the gain down and tweak your EQ. If you add a Rack or Pedal EQ it can help tighten things up.

    • MikeC

      I don't have a pedal or rack EQ at the moment. I've been trying to look for one at local shops but its kind of hard to come around. I'll most likely end up ordering one soon. What I do have is a rack BBE sonic maximizer wich makes a big difference when tweeking. Would that help me out at all?

    • MikeC

      Well it's going to be about a month until I get an EQ cause I have christmas and stuff to worry about.
      I messed with my BBE and got a good tone at high volumes. I showed some people and I'm told it has a Lamb Of God vibe to it, wich is good.
      Thanks for the help! I'll be sure to pick up an EQ once I get some cash.

    • TaoZen

      IMO, As far as tone, you will have much less difference if you just keep it on 100 watts. If you have it on 50 watts then turning it up will add more tube distortion to the mix.

      I have a Carvin V-3 and I leave it on 100 watts all the time. Nice thing is it sounds decent at livingroom volumes.