• Ravens Creed

    My buddy just bought a NT II Black Aqua. I'm in love with it.

    SD JB/59 Combo. Works beautifully in Mahogany body/Maple cap guitars. It does indeed have a coil tap as standard which works a treat.

    Its one of the finest guitars I have ever played and for the money you cant really beat it. It plays like a dream with a warm rich sound and yet is ultra light. It plays as well as my PRS Cu22 and better than my MII UC and I prefer the neck profile too.

    You're going to love it. I cant speak any more highly of this guitar.

    • JonCurcio

      Not really. I've done some mods (graph tech trem nut and string saver saddles) that have improved the resonance of the guitar, but it still feels and sounds very stiff and hard. I can understand how this would be suited for metal, but it's just a bit too stiff for my liking. I think if the neck were mahogany it would warm things up a bit. The guitar is mostly maple. The ebony board still feels a bit awkward and slippery to me. In terms of quality, it kicks the crap out of my MH250NT (which is complete garbage), but sadly it doesn't sound or play like my old H-300, and it's almost 3x the price! People have different tastes in what makes a guitar feel good I suppose.