• R11GJH

    I don't know about the magnums but when I changed my Gibson Explorer tuners for sperzels there is a visible hole left from the old tuners on the rear of the headstock.

    • DUFF

      I'd personally stick with the gotoh magnum locks. I have them on my standard series viper, and they keep the guitar amazingly in tune. I personally find sperzels to be cheaply made. I had sperzels on 2 of my Gibson les pauls, which now have gotoh's. The first time I had them on my gibson, I thought I may have had a defective set. I switched to gotoh's and the tuning problems went away. I bought another les paul, I decided to give sperzels another chance, and was let down once again. Gotoh's are the way to go in my opinion. They just take a little time to get use to.