• esten114


    You are quite correct.  For decades I have never noticed, let alone considered purchasing an ESP.  And, to be honest, I am very attached to a few of my axes - and, I love them all.  If I had to start selling them, I just would not know which one to let go off first. 

    It's funny, I just happened to notice this ESP online somewhere.  Just by accident, really.  I had been thinking about getting a 24-fret hard-tail, with passive PUPs for a little while.   My other 24-fret guitars all have Floyd Rose or proprietary whammy bars, with a mix of active (EMG) and passive (Duncans and Washburn) PUPs. 

    I saw this one and I guess the chemistry was just there.  This ESP is a real jewel.  I can't believe it.  I tell all my friends about it. 

    No, I don't work for ESP in any way.




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