• esten114

    Hi Alex,


    So happy you like it so much. 

    Yes, I feel the same way about my Horizon NT-II. 

    I have the luxury of working from home and have been making excuses to do more here at home - yes, even again today.  My ESP is by my side and anytime I am waiting for the computer for any reason it is in my hands. 

    It is addictive.  Hate to put it down.  Perfect fit for me. 

    All my Gibsons, Fenders, Gretsches, Deans, Schecters, Epiphones, Washburns, and PRS' even haven't been out of their cases since the Horizon arrived. 

    Been running it through a Vox AC30C2, '65 Super Reverb, Blues Jr. III, and even my old Crate solid state - and it sounds great through them all. 

    I have not tried any effects, although i don't use them much anyway. 

    I am thinking of getting another one so I will have it when I have to get a fret job done on the first one!


    • Alex Prado

      Thanks Esten!!!

      You are very lucky for working from home!! I don't believe that I could do that with my guitar by my side! hehehe.

      I own only 2 guitars. But it's interesting that there are many people with a vast collection of guitars and they always prefer their ESPs!! 100% customer satisfaction!! :)