• Alex Prado

    THANKS ESP!!!!!!

    Yesterday, I received my first ESP Standard Series guitar. My ESP Horizon FR-II is just amazing!!! I had never played a guitar like this. When I started play, my "metal heart" was accelerated to the top and my ears were totally satisfied!! I can't wait to get out of my work and go playing again!!! I just wanted to say: THANKS ESP!!!!!!!!!

    Have you experienced something like this with an ESP guitar?

    • esten114

      Hi Alex,


      So happy you like it so much. 

      Yes, I feel the same way about my Horizon NT-II. 

      I have the luxury of working from home and have been making excuses to do more here at home - yes, even again today.  My ESP is by my side and anytime I am waiting for the computer for any reason it is in my hands. 

      It is addictive.  Hate to put it down.  Perfect fit for me. 

      All my Gibsons, Fenders, Gretsches, Deans, Schecters, Epiphones, Washburns, and PRS' even haven't been out of their cases since the Horizon arrived. 

      Been running it through a Vox AC30C2, '65 Super Reverb, Blues Jr. III, and even my old Crate solid state - and it sounds great through them all. 

      I have not tried any effects, although i don't use them much anyway. 

      I am thinking of getting another one so I will have it when I have to get a fret job done on the first one!


      • Alex Prado

        Thanks Esten!!!

        You are very lucky for working from home!! I don't believe that I could do that with my guitar by my side! hehehe.

        I own only 2 guitars. But it's interesting that there are many people with a vast collection of guitars and they always prefer their ESPs!! 100% customer satisfaction!! :)

    • jt76

      My first esp was an ltd mii deluxe from the 90's.  then I bought a ltd the mirage also 90's era.   then I bought a ltd h200 from the 90's.  All my other brand guitars stated to get less and less attention.  I liked the ltd's so much I saved up some money and bought a 90's era horzion.   I have started selling of my non esp products, since I don't use them anymore. 



      • Alex Prado

        Well, now I want a LTD. I want a LTD AX-360 BLK.

        You have LTD guitars and your ESP Standard Horizon. What can you tell me about the quality differences?

        • jt76

          The 360 is made in indonesia.  The neck profile will be the same or very close to your horizon. But you might be a little dissapointed in the fret work in comparison to the japanese esp. If you dont  mind used i belive the ex400 and ex250 were made in korea and will be of the quality you are expecting.  There is a 400 on us ebay that ships internationally right now.    Dont get me wrong the 360 will be a nice guitar.  you would probably like it.   however the korean ones are as close to a japnese esp as you can get without buying an actual esp or ltd elite.

    • v8rman

      I have a standard and did the same. I really wanted a solid horizon style ltd minus all the abalone junk on the 1000 series at a reasonable price. I narrowed it down and kept on the lookout. Finally came accross a Korean 06 Ltd Mh 400 Nt. Find one in like new condition and ill bet my guitar its comparable to most any high end guitar made.

    • Ron_infusimia

      i have an esp horizon nt II
      i play a lot of gigs in Chile with the Horizon and i kick asses everytime!!
      i want to try the eclipse II to complete my gear

      congratulations dude!!! 

    • Bennesto

      Just like I told you in the first place :>

    • Matt D.

      Hi all, been here before but it's been years. Congrats AP! I got the same thing just this week. Have fun with that monster!