• Bennesto

    I played the 400-series and 1000-series LTD a long time and they weren't bad at all for that price-level, especially the 1000-deluxe was a dream to play. But as I first played an original series ESP Horizon I was totally stunned by the smooth playability of the neck, the direct response and the sharp attack from the maple neck/ebony fretboard. I experienced this several times, sitting at the local music store, directly comparing the 1000-series LTD with the "big borther" from ESP. Therefore my personal opinion: LTDs of the 400-series are really good for their low price, while the 1000-deluxe LTDs are a hugh step up. But they can't beat the quality and tone of a standart or even custom ESP.

    Make the comparison for yourself, but I am sure, that you'll be going to the ESP in the end - a decision you'll never regret.