• Osvaldo T.

    Thanks Ross and Jacob for sharing your expectations at the forum!

    Glad to know there's people that want to preserve and enhance the ESP line.

    Personally I'm a fan of the ESP Eclipse body shape but have also been looking forward to Z, V, and Star shaped bodies like the Gus G. Signature guitar.

    I would love to have more model, different colors, and pickups options available for them. 

    This year great pickups like the EMG 57/66 (stock in the Black LTD Elite Eclipse), Seymour Duncan Black Winter, Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbucker, EMG James Hetfield Signature pickups, and others were released to the market.  I'm sure ESP could add new pickups to the line and get even deeper into their target market. Who knows? Maybe they could get new ESP players!

    The only thing I'm really sure is that 2014 is going to be a great year for guitar players, expect great guitars coming your way soon!

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