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Feraledge liked the forum post Multi-swirl (gobstopper) Mirage Custom back to life

    Just wanted to share my Mirage Custom that I finally brought back to life after locating an excellent condition Sinclair trem. its been oit of commission for about 6 years.  I also buffed out......MORE »

Feraledge replied to the forum post New ESP "Cult 86"

Hopefully sooner than later, but note that it's an LTD, not ESP USA. Premiered at NAMM last year, but making it into the catalogue this year. I'd expect the earliest might be spring, but they might have some ready to go......MORE »

Feraledge replied to the forum post ST Series

I had a first run ST 2 briefly. The only guitar I've had from ESP or E-II where the fret work was bad, but after doing a level and crown it played really well. The sound on it was a beast, those custom Dimarzios just matched......MORE »

Feraledge posted the forum post NGD: 97 ESP USA Custom Horizon NT

1997 ESP USA Custom Horizon Don't see a lot of these floating around and very stoked that I came across this and jumped on it. Built by John Gaudesi in the short lived ESP USA Custom Shop, he's now a master builder at......MORE »

Feraledge replied to the forum post Just arrived - E-II Horizon FR

Congrats! Horizons are killer guitars and reindeer blue never fails. ......MORE »