ltd eclipse, fender strat, epiphone les paul, i use to own esp jh3, 3 esp dv8 mustaines, 4 other ltd eclipses, 1 esp eclipse, 2 esp pre lawsuit explorers (wish i kept them), and also had 2 alexi 600 and esp blacky before they were stolen when old house got robbed
playing guitar, writting songs, and lyrics
to many to list
way to many
metal, hard rock, classic rock, i dabble in others, blues / jazz / classical, and some country / folk/ bluegrass
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
crybaby wah, had to sell off most of my stuff to pay bills, had a ton of esp and ltd guitars, other brands, and mesa dual recto had to sell
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
ritchie blackmore, yngwie malmsteen, alexi laiho, jeff loomis, chris broderick, steve vaï, michael padget, michael amott, andy james, marty friedman, jason becker, rusty cooley, dimebag, zakk wylde, chris poland, will adler, kirk hammett, james hetfield, gus g, jake e lee, randy rhodes, rob arnold, and the list goes on
About me:
I have been playing guitar since I was 7 I have owned many brands of guitar and still like them all but esp is at the top of that list #1 they make most of my favorite guitars and basses I have played in several bands and now I'm looking to put another together
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