esp eclipse and esp horizon
esp guitars and guitar practice
kirk hammet and james hetfiled
horror memorabilia and fantasy horror drammatic and more
#metallica and thrash metal
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mesa boogie and marshall jvm410h
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james hetfiled and kirk hammet
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To live is to play ESP  

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Hi ppl! It took me a while to start doing this, but as I am a bit of a gearhead I'm about to start doing reviews of my gear, but also of some othe gear that I have access to, so there will be guitars and basses, amps, cabs,......MORE »

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Anyone who has paid attention to ESP over the past ten years or so knows that Will Adler, innovative guitarist and songwriter of Lamb of God, is a longterm member of the ESP family. We’ve now expanded a little deeper......MORE »

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Our friends over at EMG Pickups are hosting a giveaway that you're going to want to know about. It's open worldwide, and has one sweet grand prize:• An LTD Vintage-214 bass with EMG PJX pickups• An Ampeg......MORE »

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Most of you know him as Kirk Hammett, the quiet, mild-mannered lead guitarist of iconic band Metallica. But for reasons no one clearly understands, at certain times he changes into his alter ego... Kirk von......MORE »