ESP LTD Ec-330FM STBSB, alvarez 12-string acoustic, and ESP LTD Viper 400
making music, Marine aquariums, and Marine aquariums
Justified, Lost, Game of Thrones, and Game of Thrones
Donnie Darko and Inidiana Jones
Down, Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar, Kyuss, Meshuggah, Devon Townsend Project, Carcass, Tool, Robin Trower, Cream, Boston, Faith No More, Animals For Leaders, Intronaut, Pelican, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Peavey Butcher, Boss Tu-2, and Digitech RP-50
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Kirk Windstein, Bill Steer, Pepper Keenan, and Zakk Wylde
About me:

To quote Hunter Thompson, a friend once told me I'm, "Too weird to live, too rare to die."


I keep octopuses as pets, I probably watched too many cartoons as a kid, and I love jammin. I'm just another blue collar musician who works a day job and struggles to afford gear just to spend more money playing shows than I earn playing them. I've recorded a couple of albums with a couple of bands, Pothead Goat (laid-back, southern heavy-ass rock'n'roll) and Madcastle (Aggressive, Thrash N' Groove, Sludge with a bi-polar edge).

Trying like Hell to find a Viper Baritone I can afford!

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Dale T.

Dale T. replied to the forum post Pickguard for ltd-V300

2014-11-28 15:56:56 UTC
Is that a viper 300 you're referring to? If so you can probably get away with using a 61 Gibson SG pickguard but you may have to do some sanding where it fits between the humbuckers.......MORE »
Dale T.

Dale T. liked the forum post What about selling replacement parts to your customers?

2014-11-20 23:57:20 UTC
I accidently looked at the FAQ on this site and found that ESP won't sell any replacement parts (no necks, no pickguards). That sucks a big time, considering ESP started out as a replacement parts manufacturer. One......MORE »
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2014-10-23 13:20:05 UTC
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Dale T. posted a comment on John J.'s profile

2014-09-26 14:16:28 UTC
fyi I found a pickguard on eBay made by Jeannie pickguards. You might find them online and contact them.......MORE »
Dale T.

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2014-09-26 14:14:56 UTC
I am sorry about the delayed response. I hadn't seen this. You should have that email.......MORE »