• Sergio S.

    can anybody tell me what is the difference (not in appearence) like in the long run

    • Gisornator

      From my experience (I have the LTD F-350 in black gloss and an Epiphone Les Paul in Satin-Black) the gloss finish is more "vulernable" to scratches. I couldn't find a good polish to take care of it but actualy I don't care about it that much since I want to play my guitar and not puting it just for display ;-). The Epiphone on the other hand doesn't seem to have this problem. I have it since a few years and it still looks like new. Never used any polish (why do you want it on "satin" surfaces :D) and just whiped it with a cloth and the dunlop cleaner from time to time.

      I hope I got your question correctly :-).