• Osvaldo T.

    Hello Peter! 

    How're you?

    Thanks for the friend invite and best wishes in your musical career!



    • Peter W.

      I'm originally from Ireland but moved to Glasgow 6 years ago. There's lots of bands and venues here and lots of gigs happening. However, the attendances are pretty poor at local shows at the moment which is kind of ruining it but hooefully it'll pick up soon. 


      Thanks for checking out my band. Have you got any links to your stuff so I can check it out?

    • Osvaldo T.

      Hi Peter! I'm doing great!

      Thanks for asking!

      Working on college and a new musical proyect.

      Just saw some of your band material. It's really crushing heavy!

      You're from Glaslow (UK) right?

      How's the music scene there?

    • Peter W.

      Hi Osvaldo.


      Thanks for accepting. I'm good thanks. How are you?