• Schwaba

    what is everyone's favourite esp and amp?? and why?? 

    • Schwaba

      i have a couple horizons 6 string an 1 7 string ltd h-1007 (horizon) but i was thinking i would love a custom 7 string horizon did the custom shop horizon cost heaps?? 6505 are good for metal but cleans arent great so i been trying out a few heads and the mesa mark V is awesome just $$$ but think the 5150iii is pretty versatile too for alot less than the mark V...

    • Peter W.

      I use a custom ESP Horizon 7 string and I run it through a Peavey 6505 head and a Blackstar Series one oversized cab laoded with Celestion v30s

    • Bartosz S.

      Marshall JVM 410 is my weapon of choise. You can play on it every possible genre of music. I has a very large tonal palette. Great amp.

    • Zealmet

      I can't say that I'm fairly competent (I'm not able to use a lot of different equipment items), but my choice is

      ESP LTD EX-307:

      LTD, because it is inexpensive

      EX series because I like explorers))

      307, because I think that 7-strings provides more features for metal

      Amps... I like mid-scooped powerful death-metal tone. Well, I've got it with both amps that I tried to use: Peavey 6505+ and it was easy, 5 minutes settings; and Randall rg50tc, but with Randall I had to use additional EQ in loop, and setting takes a long time.