• blacksoulzero

    I own multiple guitars, my first guitar which still I own (and is crap) is an ION fender strat copy, my second guitar is a Behringer Metalien (for a low end guitar is quite nice, and since I own some pedals from the brand like the behringer hm-300, nr-300 & cs-400 i gave a try to the guitar), my third guitar was my Ibanez RX40, my fourth is an ESP LTD V-50 (when I saw it at guitar center and played along with a line 6 spider iv i was like woow, ended up buying it along with the amp), my sixth guitar is an ESP LTD M-17 (love it), my seventh guitar is an ESP LTD M-100FM (love it & no complaint about it), my 8th guitar is a Douglas Halo from Rondo Music (I wanted to get guitars that I can improve myself and don't feel afraid of damaging them like my ltd's, those are untouchable), 9th Douglas Hadron from Rondo Music (mahagony body, mahagony neck-through, rosewood fretboard, grover tuners & special floyd rose for only $199), 10th Agile AL 3010SE from Rondo Music (mahagony body, mahagony set neck, ebony fretboard, the pup's are nice, and grover tuners for only $309 it's a deal I couldn't resist and the guitar sounds and feel amazing).