• Michael W.

    Hey, does anyone have a good warmup/practice exercise for the right hand.  I am working on A Minor Pentatonic and my picking is a big problem right now.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Joey Spirito

      Yeah man I got you. The pentatonic scale is made up of 5 notes in the scale from octave. Hence 'pent'atonic scale. Now without going into too much theory, I'll just call the notes in the pattern via finger number and string by note. Your guitar should be tuned in E standard. So the string order from thickest to thinnest string is E A D G B e. Your index finger will be 1, middle finger 2, and so on. So your standard pattern is E1, E4, A1, A3, D1, D3. E1 and D3 are the same note just an octave apart. To get your fingers moving we are going to make your scale you have learned into a "blues" scale. Don't worry! We are only adding one note =] and that is A2. So once you get used to that here is your riff to help your picking and finger mobility at the same time. And take it PAINFULLY slow at first. Your pattern will be E1, E4, A1, A2, D3, D1, A2, A3, E4, A1. I know that is a lot to take in. But once you get that down and find a good rhythm to it I promise you will be on your way to getting a great song down in no time. And don't forget your up strokes! =]