• Steve g.

    I'll go a little deeper.... Maybee.... You will understand??? . 1. I have seen other company's change or rebrand, the end result was a lose in sales. 2. People that I know here have all felt the the quality of this rebrand may not be as good  as do I .  3. On the lighter side... You would not buy a Chevy with another name on it not knowing that name. E2 is a new name..... Esp was one of trust... Quality and you knew what you got. As I've read on other web sites...an was is a esp NOT ltd.... So is it to be that the e2 is the new ltd? I have 9 ESP guitars and they are the best. When I go to a store and see a ESP I go to that to look NOT an ltd. so as I said now I will see E2. Agin if you know something about this new line let me know. I do not claim to know it all and was hoping someone mite shed some light on this. I say ill look at jackson because I'm just not Shure what esp is doing with the quality I do know the quality of jackson( not quite as good as esp) BUT you so know what your getting..... Oh and thay have the jackson name on them! To me... Jackson wants people to know its thairs.